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AE Dentals Tartar Remover

Electric tartar remover

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AE Dentals Ultimate Teeth Cleaner

  • With this product you can safely free your teeth from tartar.
  • The electrically operated device is comfortable to use.

This electric tartar remover gives you a clean dentist feeling every day. In a short period of time you can clean your teeth, making them whiter and cleaner than ever before. Do you suffer from plaque or tartar and are you not ready for a dental check yet? No problem, because this device: 

  • removes stains from your teeth;
  • restores the natural color of your teeth;
  • keeps the breath fresh and the mouth healthy;
  • helps you get rid of tartar;
  • prevents gingivitis

Why choose this comfortable dental cleaner?

  • This electric tartar remover does not damage the enamel, because effective cleaning takes place on the surface
  • You can reach difficult corners and edges without damaging the teeth

This dental cleaner removes all kinds of stains from the teeth, such as: coffee deposits, deposits from smoking and food stains. Work quickly, easily and painlessly when cleaning your teeth.

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AE Dentals Tartar Remover
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