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MiBrush Tonsil Stones Loop Extractor

Stainless steel tool helping to remove tonsil stones

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MiBrush Tonsil Stones Loop Extractor

The MiBrush Loop Extractor is the perfect tool for removing annoying tonsil stones. You will not have a feeling that something is stuck in your throat anymore and you can say goodbye to bad breath. Remove your tonsil stones in an easy and safe way

" Compact and nifty design: also for people with a gag reflex " 

This is how the MiBrush Loop Extractor works

The following phenomenon is well-known by many people: white or yellow chunks that are in the back of the throat and that sometimes suddenly lie on the tongue. Many people notice the chunks in the morning. They are puzzled by this phenomenon because they have not eaten anything. 

It mostly revolves around so-called tonsil stones. These are small chunks made up of food scraps, dead cell debris, and bacteria, among other things. They are located in the so-called tonsil indentations. These are rather deep bulges in the back of the throat, in the tonsils.

The stones are particularly noticeable when they are larger and create an uncomfortable feeling as if something is stuck in the throat. You can have often a feeling as if you had a sticky piece of popcorn on the tongue.

If you do not instantly take care of your tonsils, it can cause bad breath, uncomfortable feelings, and sometimes inflammation and other mouth problems. The unpleasant smell is caused by older food residues and bacteria in the chunks, which emit smelly sulfur gases.

The MiBrush Tonsil Stones Loop Extractor easily removes the chunks. With the help of the small loop at the end of the MiBrush Loop Extractor, you can remove the tonsil stones from the indentations with a single movement of the hand. The stainless steel tool is not sharp and thus minimizes the chance of injuring the tonsils.

  • Easily removes smelly chunks from the throat;
  • A better and safer alternative to squeezing with your finger or the back of your toothbrush;
  • Stainless steel, which makes the MiBrush Loop Extractor easy to clean;
  • A small and flat design, which reduces the chance of a gag reflex.

Minimal chance of ingestion, damage, or irritation 

There are several methods for removing tonsil stones from the throat. Some people manage to loosen the chunks with their fingers by squeezing the almonds together.

However, this is dangerous because the tonsils are made of extremely sensitive tissue. A sharp nail can already lead to a wound, which can lead to inflammation. The bacteria on the fingers can also lead to even more lumps or even inflammation. In addition, a finger is quite thick, which can trigger a gag reflex. The same goes for the end of a toothbrush.

Although a gag reflex can occur with the MiBrush Loop Extractor, the chance of this is minimized. In addition, this disappears even after practicing a few times with the MiBrush Loop Extractor.

With the MiBrush Loop Extractor, the problem no longer exists. The small loop loosens the tonsils with minimal contact, while the loop is easy to clean.

Tonsil stones can sometimes be rinsed off with a small syringe. But we know from experience that this is not always effective. Aiming is difficult, and a hard jet is uncomfortable and can cause choking if the water gets down the throat.

Easy removal of tonsil stones 

Even though the tonsils are delicate, it is still good to have them removed. With the MiBrush Loop Extractor, tonsil stones can be removed with minimal pressure. The practical loop can be carefully guided into the indentation, where it loosens the chunks.

That way, you no longer have to walk around feeling like something is up to your throat. You no longer have to cough up smelly chunks and you reduce the risk of inflammation, bad breath, and other mouth problems.

How to use the MiBrush Loop Extractor? 

Clean the MiBrush Loop Extractor thoroughly before use. This can be done with water, but it can also be done with an oxygenating mouthwash ( Oxyfresh ) to target bacteria on the loop.

Hold the MiBrush Loop Extractor by the ergonomic handle and carefully insert the loop into the indentations of the tonsils.

The first time it can be difficult to find these right away. Do not try with a lot of force as the almonds are very delicate.

Rinse your mouth with mouthwash after use to rinse away any residue and to give the mouth a pleasant, fresh taste immediately.

How to get rid of tonsil stones forever?

To avoid the forming of tonsil stones you have to make sure the oral environment is healthy. 

  • Clean your tongue with the Oravall Electric Tonguecleaner or Orapack
  • Use a mouthwash with active oxygen, zinc and essential oils like Oxyfresh Lemon Mint Oral Rinse
  • Brush with an oxygenating toothpastelike The Breath Co toothpaste
  • Clean your nasal passages with saline and xylitol with Tonsilfresh Nasal Sinus Drops (non medicated)
  • Use proven instruments to remove tonsil stones directly like TonsilFresh Cupping Glass, Tonsilfresh Tonsil Stone Removal Kit and Tonsilfresh 

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MiBrush Tonsil Stones Loop Extractor
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