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JuliBrite®️ Tongue Cleaning Kit

Tongue and tongue cleaning gel (50ML) | Helps with bad breath - white tongue (with zinc and CPC)

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JuliBrite®️ Tongue Gel (50 ML) & Tongue Cleaner.

Tongue and tongue cleaning gel (50ML) | Helps with bad breath - white tongue (with zinc and CPC)

4 reasons to use the JuliBrite®️ Tongue Clean Kit.

  1. Freshens breath: 90% of bad breath is caused by the tongue. Our new JuliBrite Tongue Gel & Brush helps clean the back of your tongue and freshen your breath in just 60 seconds, leaving you feeling completely confident. The perfect 60-second solution to help prevent white or yellow tongue;
  2. Cleans the Tongue: Unlike toothpaste and toothbrush, JuliBrite Tongue Gel quickly and effectively penetrates the crevices of the tongue, cleaning hidden areas that are difficult to reach with just a tongue cleaner;
  3. Proven formula: The combination of zinc and CPC is proven to dissolve sticky plaque on the tongue and gently neutralize bad breath. It also helps improve the sense of taste and contributes to overall oral hygiene.
  4. 100% safe, with no hidden ingredients: Our JuliBrite Tongue Gel is manufactured in the EU according to strict quality standards, so you can feel good about using this product. Compared to many other liquid products, Julibrite Tongue Gel works effectively without adding parabens, SLS, alcohol, fluoride, sorbitol, titanium dioxide, peroxide;
  5. 100% Money Back Guarantee: Use JuliBrite Tongue Gel & JuliBrite Tongue Cleaner twice a day and you'll notice a noticeable difference within 1-8 days. Not satisfied with the results? We will provide you with a 100% money back guarantee.

What is the best way to use JuliBrite®️ Tongue Gel?

  1. First, brush your teeth with an OXI2 + zinc-based dental gel, such as RyttPro.
  2. Wet your tongue with water and apply the gel to the flat part of the JuliBrite tongue scraper.
  3. Apply JuliBrite Tongue Gel to the back of the tongue.
  4. Leave the gel on the tongue for at least 30-40 seconds.
  5. Then clean the tongue with a JuliBrite tongue scraper, gently moving the bristles from back to front over the tongue. This will move the coating to the surface (don't use a toothbrush, as its bristles are too hard).
  6. Now pull the coating off the tongue with the scraping part of the tongue cleaner until it is no longer visible. Spit out the residue. Rinse the tongue cleaner under a hot tap.
  7. Rinse your mouth with a mouthwash such as RyttPro or JuliBrite. Both liquids keep the tongue clean.

For best results, use JuliBrite®️ Tongue Gel twice a day for at least four weeks.

What are the ingredients in JuliBrite®️ tongue gel?

Vegetable glycerin, cellulose gum, PEG 40 hydrogenated castor oil, natural mint flavor, zinc lactate (antiseptic and breath odor neutralizer), sodium saccharin (sweetener), cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) (antiseptic) lactic acid (wetting agent, pH adjuster, preservative) CI 42090 (organic color)



Contents 50ML


What else can I do to clean my tongue and keep it clean?

  • Sometimes deposits on the tongue are so persistent that they require a comprehensive approach

  • Brush your tongue with JuliBrite Tongue Cleaner and Gel.

  • Rinse and polish your mouth with a cleansing mouthwash, such as Julibrite Mouthwash.

  • Keep your mouth moisturized. For example, use Moist-R Dry Mouth Tablets or Moist-R spray.

  • Make sure that nasal mucus does not transfer to the tongue. TonsilFresh Nasal Sinus Drops prevent this from happening.

  • Refresh your tongue throughout the day with Moist-R tongue spray. It creates a cleansing yet protective layer on the tongue that traps new deposits.



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