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Tonsilfresh Custom Fit

Tosilfresh grinding splint. Custom-made splint against teeth grinding

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Tonsilfresh Custom Fit

Tosilfresh grinding splint. Custom-made splint against teeth grinding 

Easy-to-use made-to-measure splint against teeth grinding

How to use TonsilFresh Custom Fit?

What do you need?

microwave (or kettle) 



two small bowls of water (approx. 4 cm deep) 


Step 1 'Trial fitting' 

The first step is only to test and feel the splint before it is cooked and deformed. 

Look in the mirror. Put the splint in the upper jaw and make sure that the holder is exactly in the middle. All teeth must be exactly in the middle of the material. Don't bite yet. Now go to step 2.

Step 2 Boil and shape the splint 

Fill two bowls (at least 4 cm deep) with water. Put one of the bowls in the microwave and wait for the water to boil. (If necessary, use a timer) 

Take the hot bowl of water carefully out of the microwave and let the bowl cool down for about 10 seconds. Now insert the splint and wait 120 seconds.

When the time is up, use a fork to get the rail out (stick the fork through the bracket). Let the splint float in the other bowl of water (at room temperature) for a maximum of one second and take it out again immediately.

Then hold the splint by the bracket and place it on the upper jaw while looking in the mirror. Make sure that the splint is exactly in the middle (as practiced in step 1) and then bite on it. Bite on it for 2 minutes to allow the splint to close properly around the teeth. When the 2 minutes are up, hold the splint under cold water for 10 seconds, which will make it ready for use.

Does the shape not meet your expectations? No problem, just start over from step 2.

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Tonsilfresh Custom Fit
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